Wednesday, 24 October 2007


This is adapted from one of Jamie Oliver's recipes which just uses beetroot but, like Maggie, I have lots of fennel and this is a star performer at my place.Now I also have lots of beetroot - perfect.

Set oven to 180 -200.

Into a casserole dish place chunks of fennel bulb and halved or even quartered beetroot, depending on their size. For this recipe I would use 1 fennel bulb (or less if its huge) and about 4 or 5 medium beetroot.
Add 10 (yes! 10) cloves of garlic - squashed with a flat knife but not peeled
a handful of herbs - oregano is good
6 Tbl balsamic vinegar (more or less is ok)
quite a lot of olive oil, don't be cute about it
salt and pepper
Cover the dish tightly with foil (or something else - it must seal in all the juices) and put the lid on.
Bake for 1 hour. Test with a skewer - beetroot should be very soft. If you are not going to eat it hot, leave it in the oven to cool and keep it sealed up. will love it hot or cold. We are eating it every day at the moment. It was so popular at a BBQ we had last weekend I could have cooked twice as much.

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Maggie said...

Even more fantastic I have saved some so we can taste it cold tomorrow.
I tossed some purple congo potatoes in olive oil and salt, covered them and roasted them and they cooked beautifully. Thank you.