Thursday, 28 January 2010





This is a slightly modified version of one of Maggie's great vegetarian sausages / patties / rissoles recipes.

Please adjust everything as you go.... I actually didn't measure any of it.



Soak a cup of azuki beans and then cook them. Mash roughly.

Gently fry                          250gr diced tasty mushrooms

Add and cook a bit             2 cloves garlic

                                        1 Tbl cumin seeds, ground

Into a large bowl place       the cooked azuki beans, the cooked mushrooms mixture

                                       2 eggs

                                       100gr fresh breadcrumbs

                                       2 Tbl flour

                                       4 Tbl parsley

                                       2 tsp thyme

                                       1 cup grated tasty cheese

Form into whatever shape you like and fry.

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Liss said...

these look and sound yummy. Have they got enough fat content to put in sausage casing you think?