Tuesday, 19 June 2007


10 - 12 apple cores, with seeds
8 - 10 black peppercorn
2 inch long of cinnamon stick
8 - 10 cloves
1 - 2 inch fresh ginger
3 - 5 cardamoms
750 ml water
1 piece of jaggery (Indian sugar) or a teaspoon of honey
Bruise the peppercorn, cloves and cardamoms using mortar and pestle. Add to the rest of the ingredients. Add the jaggery if using, keep the other sweeteners off the mix for now, and add when serving. Boil on a very low heat about 30 minutes. Strain from a very fine cloth, add sweeteners if not already, and serve hot. I found I didn't need any sweetener.

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Kate said...

I made this last night with cores left over from stewed apples. It was really nice - similar spices to chai . I only used a little bit of jaggery in my cup, others had none.