Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Healthy Pastry

Good for pies, flans, pasties or anything calling for short pastry. This amount is for one 25cm pie crust - double the quantities for both base and top.

1 Cup of either a mixture of half and half white /wholemeal SR Flour or all wholemeal.
125g Ricotta cheese
2 tblspn milk

Simply work the ricotta into the flour with a fork and add the milk - lightly knead into a ball and roll out as required.
If you are using it for a flan or tart, blind bake for 10mins. before adding the filling and returning it to the oven.
For pies, 165 degrees C. for 35mins ensures a nicely browned crust.


Maggie said...

Thanks for this recipe, I have not seen ricotta used in pastry before.

Anonymous said...

yeh i agree with magster i have never seen ricotta in pastry either
peace homies xox

Suki said...

Wow, Not bad lol ^_^

Anonymous said...

Healthy??? White flour... You're obviously fat and unhealthy!!! You're a joke!