Tuesday, 19 June 2007


From Gerda ‘07. Gerda is the Austrian mother of a friend of our's who is 96 and whose mother used to bake this for her when Gerda was a child. I recently came upon a few kgs of red currants and asked my friend for the recipe. Simple food, simply delicious

Prepare a pastry with two ounces sugar, four ounces butter and six ounces flour, a few drops of lemon juice and line a buttered and floured rectangular flan tin with this. Bake 'blind'.
When baked, but still hot, cover thickly with red-currants, sprinkle with a little sugar.
Whisk two egg whites until stiff, whisk in two ounces caster sugar, fold in another two ounces sugar. Pile whipped egg white over redcurrants.
Bake in cool oven until meringue top has set .Cut into slices when cool ( will be a bit runny when warm). Serve with cream.

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